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Born on January 2, 1979, in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico and currently living in Edinburg, Texas.

A self taught artist. Started painting since 2006. I’ve always marveled the diversity and the beauty of all things around me. Music lover, live dreaming and living my dream, intrigued at behaviors, pushing to get stronger and fearless and to simply dare to live without judgement, following always my two golden guidelines: respect and responsibility.

Inspired in literally all about life, manifesting in each brushstroke all them emotions on their endless frequencies. I love creating, when I paint, I forget who I am, is not about me, it is about being what I feel. Is about naturally flowing with the endless  universe.

My intention is to manifest and share all kind of inspirations that I perceive and make me be who I am. My art is a document sort, a social self-portrait, where all and each one my paintings form part of my interpretation of my own reality. My ability develops through personal diligence, and the manner I tend to execute my paintings can fit well from Abstract to Expressionism, despite the admittance of transcending the established rules, intending to provoke visual pleasure no-boundaries. Love the mixed technique, because the sense of absolute freedom, and the endless richness from materials and perceptions, nourishing the eyes and the soul. Because we all are part of the beauty of the universe. Enjoy life.


Gaby Rico.

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