“Virtuosa” is an invitation to meet the virtues that represent my own personality. Being a highly imaginative and creative person and very private and secretive at the same time. Sharing all the feelings, pain, joy and fears that I sometimes try to madly hide, but no matter how hard I try, I can’t really hide them, since they are quite obvious and the viewer can see the reflection of all my moods and even how I’m trying to hide them. This series is like an open window to my yet mysterious self talks about my virtues and defects.
This marks the born of the first and never ending series of self portraits since I started painting in 2006. Each of the original painting work recall from my earlier to my recent works in several techniques, such as oil, acrylic, industrial and mixed media on different materials as well (canvas, wood, masonite, cardboard, paper,etc.). The work revisits my previous and actual ideas and concerns about life experiencies. Virtuosa serves to emphasize the progressive nature of my own thinking through diverse states of consciousness, pointing out moods and attitudes about what makes us human.